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Whatsapp Logo Png Transparent Background 2019

Whatsapp Logo Png Transparent Background 2020 – The PNG format was first created in the year of 1995, at a period when the GIF format was already well established. To keep pace with screen technology, it needed a more advanced file format, which was able to support a much broader range of colours.

A group of developers then combined forces to create the PNG format, and a decision was made to support a single, static image in the new image package. The first version of the file format was established in October 1996, after which it became an international standard in 1998, 1999 and 2003.

Whatsapp Logo Png Transparent Background 2020

Whatsapp Logo Png Transparent Background 2020

When to use a PNG

PNG files can often be bigger than GIF files, so it is worth considering whether the file format is definitely the best option of use case. For instance, if you have lots of images on one web page, you might want to suggest either resizing the image to better quality, or using an alternate image format that results in a smaller file size.

This transfer can result in the loss of picture quality, so if you need to preserve consistency, PNG is definitely the best option and worth having, even if it is a big format.

How to access a PNG file and change it

PNG files can be accessed in any web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari and Opera, as it is now the most commonly used type of web image. If you don’t have an image viewer on your computer, even if you can’t edit it that way, you can access it by moving it from your phone to your browser.

A PNG file can also be opened and updated in most image editing programs, such as Microsoft Paint (although Microsoft will soon end support for the image editing program), Paint 3D, GIMP, XnView and, of course, Adobe Photoshop.

If you are not aware that an image editor is already enabled on your device, double-click the image file and any compatible software can open it for you to edit.

How to convert a PNG file

Of course, if you want, you can transform a PNG file to any other popular format like JPG, ICO, TIF, BMP, and GIF. This can be done by a wide variety of free online converters, including XnConvert, Zamzar, Zigzag and Adapter.

Uses of PNG

PNG can be used for:

  1. Line art photos, such as paintings, sketches and comics.
  2. Images or text samples, such as handwritten letters or documents in the newspaper.
  3. Charts, labels, maps, plans for architecture and designs.
  4. Anything with text, including page templates in Photoshop or InDesign, saved as photos.

Advantages of PNG

The PNG format advantages include:

  1. Lossless compression— After compression of the file, do not lose detail and quality.
  2. Supports a large number of colours— For various types of digital images, including photos and graphics, the format is suitable.
  3. Transparency support— Supports digital image compression with transparent regions.
  4. Great for image editing–Lossless compressions make it ideal for digital image editing storage.
  5. Sharp edges and strong colours— Perfect for text, line arts and graphic images.

Whatsapp Logo Png Transparent Background 2020: Designing a logo for a mobile application originates with its personal set of encounters and goals. The WhatsApp logo helps as a countless illustration of what to search for an in-app logo project.

Due to the circumstance that individuals desire for their cell phones to have a neatly planned and artistically attractive user line, it is particularly significant for cell phone apps to have a crisp, good-looking symbol.

Obviously, the logo’s structure could have effectively been redistributed to an outsider architect also, the programming of the application itself was re-appropriated, all things considered.

With over 1 billion operators according to of the year 2016, it is harmless to state that individuals are completely pleased with the method the WhatsApp symbol appears on their cell phone.

Whatsapp Logo Png Transparent Background 2019

Whatsapp Logo Png Transparent Background 2020

Structure Elements of the WhatsApp Logo

  • The WhatsApp logo includes a couple of intriguing structure components that can plainly impart the capacity of the application inside a generally short-sighted plan.
  • WhatsApp fills in as a stage for both texting and sound/video calls and the logo expected to successfully convey those capacities. To do this, two separate components of the plan were utilized.
  • The first of these components is a content air pocket. As far back as the times of texting began, the content air pocket has been the most well-known approach to symbolize a sent or got the message.
  • Indeed, even today, practically every instant message got is shown in one of these content air pockets.
  • Content air pockets showing got messages have a “tail” indicating the left, while content air pockets demonstrating sent messages have a tail that focuses to one side.
  • By consolidating a content air pocket with a left-pointing tail into their logo, WhatsApp can mean that they are an informing application while additionally unobtrusively tapping into the energy individuals experience when they see that they have gotten a message.

Whatsapp Logo No Background

Whatsapp Logo No Background

WhatsApp logo set a phone inside

  1. To convey the auxiliary capacity of the application (voice and video calls), the planner of the WhatsApp logo set a phone inside the content air pocket.
  2. One intriguing thing to note is that despite the fact that WhatsApp is an application that was clearly intended for the present day, cell phones, the internal piece of the application’s logo includes a more seasoned, landline telephone.
  3. Since the main reason for a landline telephone is to make calls—instead of a cell phone which has several capacities, the landline telephone in the WhatsApp logo all the more viably imparts the application’s capacity.

Whatsapp Logo No Background

Whatsapp Logo No Background

The popularity of WhatsApp logo

Because of the way that individuals’ favour for their cell phones to have a conveniently sorted out and stylishly satisfying UI, it is particularly significant for versatile applications to have a fresh, appealing logo.

With more than 1 billion clients starting in 2016, it is protected to state that individuals are completely happy with the manner in which the WhatsApp logo looks on their telephone.

The way that very nearly one-seventh of the total populace utilizes WhatsApp is a demonstration of the affability of their logo and its viability as a major aspect of a telephone’s UI.

Whatsapp Png

Whatsapp Png


Not a great deal is thought about the beginnings of the WhatsApp logo. The structure seems to have been around since the dispatch of the application itself, implying that it was planned by development and Action themselves during the underlying phases of the application’s advancement and dispatch.

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