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Ready to go on a venture with us? Great! Here are a few things you need to keep in mind and adhere to if you genuinely wish to contribute to pngmind.com

Target Audience

Our audience consists of all fitness enthusiasts. Articles may be targeted specifically at women or men, or even a specific demographic/niche (i.e., women over 35, etc.). The article title should reflect this.

Guidelines for Writing

  1. 500-1000 words articles
  2. We are looking for epic content, not “good enough” content.
  3. Use captivating titles – it needs to grasp the attention and make a visitor want to click it! As a useful reference, check out this guide from Copyblogger.
  4. Make it fluid and easily readable. Utilize smaller paragraphs, pictures, subtitles, and lists.
  5. Quotes from people should come directly from the horse’s mouth through personal interaction. That is, only quote them if you had a conversation or interviewed them. Please refrain from using secondary sources (i.e., their statements in other interviews).

Guidelines for Formatting

  1. Accepted formats are Word and text files.
  2. All Titles and Sub-headlines should always be formatted in the title case.
  3. – See what the title case is all about in this Wiki article here
  4. – Use an online tool to help you: http://capitalizemytitle.com
  5. Subtitles are Heading two and in title case, always.
  6. Lists/lineups such as 5 Best of 10 Best items/products should always be unordered list format or Heading 3.
  7. Be sure to utilize teaser breaks in order to split up the body and teaser.
  8. You can use bold, but don’t overdo it, refrain from underlining or using italic.
  9. Spacing should be used often and generously. Separate paragraphs with emptiness just hit Enter to insert a blank line.
  10. Do not underline, do not use capital letters, and please do not excessively use exclamation points.


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We positively, 100%, absolutely, ONLY accept 100% unique content. Please save time and avoid submitting content copied from elsewhere or something that is clearly based on another post.

Read the guidelines and still believe you’re the one for the task at hand!? You are exactly who we’re looking for!

Submit your article proposal via our contact us page, and please include a brief description of the article/post idea. We’ll do our best to respond to you in a timely manner.


Team pngmind.com