A Comprehensive Guide on WordPress Development Outsourcing

Developing a WordPress-based website is the most reliable and affordable way to have a robust digital presence. Moreover, outsourcing your WordPress development project to an external agency brings ample benefits along with it. Countries like India, China, Ukraine, Poland, and Brazil are the most preferred countries for outsourcing web development services. These countries offer affordable development rates along with proven expertise in top-notch technologies. But you must choose the web development company prudently to get desired outcomes, or else all your time, effort, and money can go to waste. This post offers valuable guidance on the best strategic way to outsource a WordPress development project, along with its benefits and some other crucial factors to consider.

Getting Started with the Project Requirements

To outsource a WordPress development project, the general rule of thumb is to prepare a detailed project requirement list. If it’s web development from scratch, you need to be much more specific with your design and development aspects. Here are some crucial points that you must include in your project requirement list:

  • A brief introduction to your company
  • Business goals & objectives
  • Challenges faced by your business
  • Content and site structure
  • Template wireframes and mock-ups
  • Design elements
  • Type of features & functionalities required in the website
  • Target audience and the type of market that you are going to enter
  • Milestones & phases
  • Budget

Be as specific as you can regarding each aspect mentioned above and highlight the key business challenges you want to overcome through the website.

The Best Way to Approach the Right Web Development Company

Over 8 billion websites are powered by WordPress and the difference between a unique WordPress site and a nominal one lies in the way a particular website has been developed. Outsourcing your web development project to a professional agency gives you access to expert web developers along with affordability. Hence, your decision on the type of company you choose will directly impact the type of website that you get. Here are some critical aspects that must be considered before outsourcing your WordPress development project to an external agency.

Reputation Speaks for Itself

The first step toward finding a trusted WordPress development company is to gauge its reputation in the market. You can visit B2B review platforms like Clutch, G2, TopDevelopers, TrustPilot, and GoLocal to confirm its worthiness by viewing client reviews for that company on these sites. You can even use your IT contacts to get some trusted names and make a list of at least five companies. Visit their websites, explore their portfolios and client reviews, and then get in touch with them to clarify the following aspects:

  • How much experience they have in WordPress development and how many total websites they have delivered
  • Check if they have a team of competent in-house developers or do they switch to freelancers or third parties
  • How promptly do they communicate? Drop a request or fill up the contact form and see what time they get back to you
  • What other web development services they offer
  • If possible, try to get the contact numbers of their previous clients and talk to them related to workflow, transparency, communication, and overall project management
  • You must also look for post-launch technical support because most reputed companies offer free technical support up to a year from the launch date
  • Ask them about the technologies that they use to deliver impeccable and tailored websites

Now, evaluate those five selected companies based on these queries and proceed with finalizing the best suitable WordPress development company.

Benefits of Outsourcing a WordPress Development Project

WordPress has constantly evolved since its inception in 2003 and has now become the most preferred web development platform powering more than 43.2% of total websites that exist on the internet. Hence, there are ample reasons to choose WordPress over its competitors.

Additionally, the constantly accelerating digital transformation efforts have boosted IT outsourcing to a significant level. With automation and customization as major emerging trends, web development outsourcing has become much more beneficial in the past few years. Let’s have a look at some major benefits that you get from outsourcing a WordPress development project to an external agency.

Cost-effectiveness: For any startup or small business, building a website with a limited budget is always a priority. Outsourcing is more affordable than hiring in-house developers, as countries like India, Ukraine, and Poland offer much more affordable development rates than the US, UK, and Australia. You can cut costs related to hiring and training in-house developers and other operational costs by outsourcing a web development project to an expert agency.

Swift & Timely Development: Web development requires thorough planning and a strategic approach to achieve desired results. It may take several months to come up with a robust website when development is performed by in-house staff. Outsourcing ensures on-time project delivery as it takes care of planning, designing, & development-related tasks with complete agility by professional and expert developers. 

Quality Development with Added Customization: When you outsource a WordPress development project, experts take charge of all your requirements and deliver desired results in a foolproof way. They use the best-advanced tech stack to provide impeccable functionalities and custom features.

Highly Scalable & Secure Product: Expert web developers use sophisticated technologies and frameworks to ensure impeccable website security and scalability. This eliminates the need to worry about technical resources when you start getting high-volume traffic on your website.

No Time-zone Barriers: Expert and reputed web development companies work round-the-clock in different shifts to ensure no communication gaps and allow clients to get their work done in their respective time zones.

Professionalism at Its Best: When you outsource a WordPress development project to an expert agency, it deploys the best team of in-house expert developers, along with a dedicated project manager who takes care of the entire workflow throughout the SDLC.

Post-launch Technical Support: To develop good client relationships, some reputed companies also provide free post-launch technical support to ensure the glitch-free performance of your business website.

Focus on Your Core Business Activities: Let the experts handle the development-related work while you remain stress-free to focus on your business. Managing & monitoring everything in an SDLC can be quite daunting. This can leave you helpless as by monitoring both tasks (web development & core business activities) simultaneously, you may fail to achieve desired results in either. 

Gives You Enough Time for Marketing: You can make a robust marketing strategy for your website so that it starts getting colossal traffic right from its date of launch. Many web development companies offer this service as well. However, to reduce costs to a minimum, you can begin the marketing process during the initial days and then think about outsourcing website marketing & SEO services later.

Top 10 Web Development Companies to Consider

To narrow down your search, here are some most trusted web development companies that you can consider outsourcing a WordPress development Project. 

  1. TechnoScore
  2. Baires dev
  3. NetGuru
  4. Xmart Labs
  5. Infinum
  6. Polcode
  7. Utility
  8. SteelKiwi
  9. Fulcrum
  10. MentorMate


To save time and money, outsourcing your project to a trusted and reputed WordPress development company is the best option. Discuss your project requirements clearly with the company. The more transparent the discussion, the better the results will be. Hence, you must spend time evaluating your requirements well and then explore the best suitable options based on your needs and budget.

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